This One is for All the Haters

Dear Readers,

Let me begin with a story most of you have heard before.

It is found in the Book of Jonah. How many of you think back on his life and remember only a whale? Me too. Until I read it again. And again. Somewhere between the 5th to late 3rd century B.C., God commissioned Jonah to go to Ninevah – a great city in Assyria (present day Iraq, Turkey, Iran, + Syria)  whose people were committing some awful crimes and sins (pretty wicked and heinous stuff; what we are all capable of outside of the will of God).Read More »

Just Call Me “Martha”.

Dear Readers,

Let me set the scene.

Jesus is coming over. THE Christ. THE One and Only Messiah. Oh yeah, He is also bringing along 12 of his buddies. You have two loads of laundry in the wash. The dishes aren’t clean. The dog is barking. You are out of milk. Dinner is not even close to being ready, and guess what… you hear a knock at your door.

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Spring Sensory Play

Dear Readers,

Motor planning and execution as well as cognitive-linguistic function can be developed through sensory modalities.

Sensory information is received from the environment through hearing, touch, taste, sight, and smell. The brain can repair itself through learning how to interpret and adapt to sensory information efficiently.

Below are some examples of forms of sensory input I have used within the geriatric setting. Speech-language pathologists should provide a repetitive and structured treatment approach to promote optimal benefit and learned self-regulation.Read More »

The Father’s Heart Displayed in “Daniel”

Dear Readers,

I was once advised to study the Word like I study my textbooks. That looked quite different from what I typically did, which was skimming the words on the pages until I found a verse that made me feel good.

Needless to say, I did not know the Word. And if I did not know the Word, then I did not know my Father’s heart.

In the beginning was the Word, and the Word was with God, and the Word was God

John 1:1 (ESV)Read More »

Cajun Word Finding Activity

Dear Readers,

This post is for all of my south Louisiana friends. I created a word finding task for residents in the nursing home who speak Cajun French. This activity tests your knowledge of words related to the Cajun heritage. It’s also fun to play with your parents and grandparents.

I am interested in knowing who can guess them all correctly! My husband got 13… Read More »

Therapy Obstacle Course

Dear Readers,

I am so blessed to work for a company that allows me to do therapy my way. I feel as though I am able to provide optimal care for my patients because I am allowed to go outside of the ordinary routine to target functional skills. Here is a fun obstacle course that my patients enjoyed targeting balance, word finding, visuospatial skills, fine-motor, attention, categorization, and oral motor skills. Read More »

“This Is My Solemn Vow”

Dear Readers, In 30 days, I get to marry the sweetest, most handsome man I have ever met. For the past few months, as I am reflecting on marriage, I have also thought of my patients in the nursing home. How much is their perspective on marriage truly different from my own? The time in […]